Study: men and women perceive infidelity differently

Scientists from the USA and Norway set: the psychology of men and women in regard to adultery is very different. If men harder to forgive physical infidelity, it is difficult for women to deal with emotional infidelity. It is reported by Science Daily.

In the study, researchers interviewed thousands of couples about learning that is the most vulnerable when infidelity of the partner. It turned out most men can't deal with the physical infidelity, when a woman sleeps with another man. Women are also much more difficult to cope with emotional betrayal when the other woman realizes the young man better.

The nature of male behavior is understandable. Men are afraid to bring up someone else's child. In addition, nature has a physical relationship with the opposite sex, a feeling of possession. With women it's more complicated for them emotional connection with a partner is usually the main point for building a strong family.

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