The growth of men and weight of women has a significant impact on wages, the study showed. Low among men and women incomes significantly below average. Scientists from the University of Exeter in the analysis of health and economic well-being of 120,000 people has proved the influence of external factors in wage formation. The results of the study tells the newspaper The Hindustan Times.

All the scientists studied 400 variants of genes linked to growth. In addition to this were taken for 70 genes associated with obesity. The data obtained, the researchers compared the earnings of volunteers and a number of other options.

It turned out that men with a height of 7.5 inches below their counterparts earn in the U.S. for 2130 dollars a year less. A similar situation is observed among women, only in this case, the earnings impact weight: 6,3 kg above normal body weight revenue decreased to 2130 dollars a year.

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