Study: man's feet have Revolutsii features

Scientists conducted a study aimed at examining the anatomy and mechanics of the work of the feet and ankles of modern man and his ancestors drevesnyh apes.

The study involved 25 thousand inhabitants of Liverpool, who as volunteers visited the University. Scientists study the structure of the feet and ankles of modern man, came to the conclusion that for such a long period, the legs have not lost those same traits possessed by Revolutsii monkeys, says an article in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

Carl Bates from Liverpool University in the UK said that feet monkeys have become flexible in their permanent move through the trees. Further, the evolution has changed the structure of the lower extremities for fast movement across the plains. Processes that alter the anatomy and mechanics of the stop, was not so rapid as, for example, the purchase of horses hooves. That is why the pace of modern man preserved natural flexibility inherited from monkeys.

Such conclusions are made on the basis of a study of 25 thousand feet and ankles modern inhabitants, who were pleased to be a part of a scientific experiment. Scientists have made x-rays of each of the investigated legs, its lower part. In addition, they tracked the mechanics of movement on the flat surface on the treadmill.

Combining the received data, the researchers compared them with the structure of the lower extremities and the mechanism of movement of various species of monkeys that have the highest similarity with the person. It turned out that the feet of the modern city-dwellers had similar flexibility and level adaptations for climbing trees with orangutans and chimpanzees. It is worth noting an interesting fact: the profile of a human and monkey feet in 60% of cases were identical.

Scientists suggest that preserved the flexibility of the human foot - a device for rapid movement on various types of terrain: soft, hard soil, overcoming obstacles. This, perhaps, will be the explanation that some runners can outrun a horse when running over rough terrain.

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