Study: love triggers obesity

A group of scientists from the UK have proven that long-term relationship and life together contribute to weight gain. In the first three years of this interrelation is not clear, it begins to manifest only after a really long period of time.

The study involved 1000 pairs. The researchers monitored the health of the partners. It turned out that after three years of marriage, both men and women begin to gain weight. On average over one year is added about two extra pounds.

Apparently, over time, the requirements for appearance of a loved one gradually decline. Change with the age and taste preferences of people. Not always attempt to eat right has bilateral support. In the result, both partners start to eat high-calorie write.

Interesting is another fact established in the research process: in 62% of cases the family had gained weight at the same time. A joint decision to go on a diet couples in a long-term relationship, took in 56% of cases.

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