Study: laughing gas won't ease the pain during childbirth

Nitrous oxide is not the best choice of pain relief during childbirth. According to recent studies, the majority of women who decided on this method of anesthesia, in the end, asked to do an epidural, when the entire lower part of the body loses sensitivity. The results of the work done, says the publication

A group of researchers from Medical school of Stanford University analyzed 4,700 births in a natural way. 148 women decided to give birth with laughing gas, but then switched to an epidural. Mothers were asked to rate the level of pain at different stages. Before the introduction of drugs it was about 8 points, after the laughing gas it is almost not reduced. 60% of women requested to go to an epidural. Then the pain level really fell.

Doctors say that spinal (epidural) anesthesia is a relatively safe and effective procedure to help move labor. In another study it was proved that this type of anesthesia helps to give women a positive birth memory.

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