Scientists from Italy, along with colleagues from the UK in one recent study proved that dependence on the Internet decreases the immunity of the person and contributes to the development of viral diseases.

Experts from the Universities of Swansea and Milan conducted a survey and a survey of 500 people. The age of the volunteers ranged from 18 to 101 years. According to the obtained results, the dependence on the constant use of the Internet is approximately 40% of the population in developed countries. This group of people, as it turned out, a third more often than the average faces of influenza and other respiratory infections.

Scientists suggest, it's all about stress. The nervous system has a tight relationship with immunities. Yet most people sit at computers at home or in the office. The same time, experts say, could be held outdoors. At particular risk were the users involved in the network more than 6 hours per day.

Interesting and statistics on the visits to the sites. Women mainly used the Internet for visiting social networking and shopping to the virtual stores. Men are more interested in online gaming and sites with erotic content.

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