Study: hungry childhood makes people aggressive

The lack of power changes the nature of people, the study showed scientists from the United States. They proved that people who in childhood have less nutrients, more likely to have impulsive traits: angry outbursts for no apparent reason and aggression towards others and ourselves. Still the lack of power reduces the performance of children at school.

Scientists from America conducted a study, which affected two important aspects of people's lives. Don't underestimate the relationship between quality, quantity of food and the influence of these factors on the social component. The research proves, the problems with food in childhood almost inevitably affect the psychological status of a person in the very near future.

Thus, the rage of the people, malnutrition in childhood, and occur twice as often. The researchers once again draw attention to the problem of food shortage. If in developed countries the products enough, millions of people in Africa and Asia die because of hunger.

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