Study: housework can replace a hike in the gym

Intensive cleaning of the load the body is not worse than going to a gym. Washing floors, cleaning beds, wiping dust, in the amount enough physical activity can have a positive impact on health. About it writes edition The Daily Mail.

In the aggregate, a full house cleaning is one trip to the gym. Each activity allows you to burn about 100-150 calories. However, in recent time, the cleaning becomes less energy intensive. Instead of cloth many people use vacuum cleaners, hand washing long ago came the washing machine, the dishes can be washed in a special apparatus.

Housekeeping, though, and makes the blood move faster through the vessels, inferior in quality to the loads of aerobic or power exercises. It's all in the dust and dirt that is certainly in your home while restoring order. So ignore the fresh air, or bought a gym membership in favor of home Affairs scientists is not recommended.

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