Study: hard work undermines the health

The constant processing and excessive work harms the body, say researchers from Denmark and the United States. Especially dangerous is hard work for women. The researchers analyzed data on health status and productivity of employees of several large companies in the period from 1996 to 2006. At this time, it was noted the growth of exports, says The Daily Mail. Goods required much more than he could make it for his shift.

As a result, most people began to recycle, producing more products. At the same time, medical examinations revealed a higher number of illnesses among employees. Especially health complained about women in the workplace.

Improved productivity by 10% increased the risk of injury by 6.4%, depression – 2.5%, falling into the hospital with a heart attack by 15%. Men's health was suffering too, but not so much because of relatively high toughness.

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