The scientific team from University College London proved that people with a high level of happiness live a longer life. For observation for four years agreed 9000 women and men aged 50 to 60 years. During this period the volunteers were regularly filled out questionnaires that determine the degree of life satisfaction, level of socialization and the need to communicate.

The study ended in 2013. Scientists have summarized the results by looking at the mortality rates of people depending on their level of happiness, writes The Daily Mail. It turned out that satisfaction with life in old age is reduced by a quarter the risk of death.

While experts do not say that there is a clear causal relationship between the above-described factors. Happiness is a whole set of emotions, financial well-being, support from friends, family and relatives. But some things are known for sure. During moments of happiness in the body to produce specific hormones. They have a positive effect on all organs and systems, strengthening them.

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