Some believe that raising children involves a lot of trouble that time almost does not remain, however, experts from the Technological University of Auckland sure, it's not. According to the survey, large families are the happiest among the rest of people living alone or shared with anyone. About it writes The Daily Mail.

More than just his life was a happy family with four or more children. Everyone in the team tried to maintain cordial relations, no one ever complained of boredom.

In large families children grow up more responsible from an early age they are taught to follow younger sisters brothers. Interestingly, along with large, was happy same-sex families. They rarely thought about the opinions of others.

The most unfortunate people – fathers. They often blame in the breakup of families. The need to provide for themselves and the child turns out to be lack of sufficient time for contact with your son or daughter. However, fathers who have overcome adversity, admitted, for the sake of good relations with a child should have overcome so many difficulties and tribulations.

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