Study: habits and human activity is affected by the place of residence

Residents of areas with close proximity to parks, markets and public transport move more than the average. About it tell results of work of specialists from the University of California, tells The Economic Times.

In total the study involved 6822 volunteers aged 18-66 years. The researchers analyzed the physical activity levels of people and compared the collected information with the place of residence. Every step of the volunteers was recorded by the accelerometer.

The average person, according to the study, physical activity pays about 37 minutes a week. In the group of volunteers living in comfortable residential areas, the rate was higher and ranged from 68 to 89 minutes per week.

It is obvious that the presence of a Park close to home creates conditions for Jogging and walks. Note, the lack of movement leads to the development of diabetes and disease cardiovascular system: from angina to heart attacks and strokes.

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