Study: girls are much more independent boys

According to the latest study, researchers from the University of Stavanger, girls at an early age developed significantly better than boys. It is about mental development and self-sufficiency. The study involved 1,000 children aged 2.5 to 3.5 years old from Norway. Educators from kindergartens observed the behavior of children and recorded their notes in special forms, writes The Daily Mail.

The girls quickly learned basic skills: independently have to tie the laces. 2.5 years 21% of girls have already got rid of wearing diapers, among boys, there were only 7.5%. Interest in the pot showed 67.8% of girls compared to 42.1% of boys.

The girls liked more group games with communication and interaction with peers. They are easier to change one activity to another. Scientists believe that the early development of girls inherent nature, like puberty, in girls occurs earlier. To adolescence the difference in mental development disappears.

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