Study: fewer women are leaving men with a witty sense of humor

The ability to joke is an important quality to build strong families, experts say from USA. The irony and the humor with the ability to withdraw from any, even the most difficult situation, let the men hold the women, tells Adaptive Human Behavior And Physiology.

Scientists conducted a study that allowed us to draw some conclusions about the male sense of humor. According to the theory, women perceive this quality as a sign of good genes that can be transferred to offspring. Note, none of the conducted researches haven't talked about that sense of humor is really needed for the formation of lasting relationships.

In another study participated 10 thousand volunteers from the United States. Researchers interviewed the respondents and found out what criteria they use to chose their life partner. It turned out that in America in the first place is the social status together with financial position. This is followed by reliability, appearance and health.

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