Study: fathers along with mothers emotionally attached to the children

The relationship between father and child is not weaker than between the child and the mother. According to scientists from the UK. They measured the level of oxytocin in the body of parents when interacting with the baby. It turned out that the big difference in hormonal responses of men and women on their child no.

Oxytocin is a special hormone. Its concentration determines the degree of satisfaction of a person, his calm, peace and confidence. Contact parent has with the child leads to the release of oxytocin. Previously it was thought that this happens mainly in women. The latest study refutes this information. As it turned out, fathers also are influenced by the hormone.

More scientists pay attention on the formation of feelings of attachment of the child to the parents. Sad statistics: 40% of children have attachment never formed. In the vast majority of cases the fault lies with the parents, say experts in the field of education.

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