Study: Europeans drink a lot and smoke a lot

The Europeans were the leaders in the use of alcohol and tobacco. In the case of alcohol the average European drinks of 10.9 litres of pure alcohol per year, with an average worldwide of 6.2 liters.

One in three adults of Europe smokes. In recent years, there are some positive developments, the number of smokers decreases somewhat. Doctors believe, life expectancy in the developed countries of Europe may grow even if the citizens of those countries think about their health.

"The bad news is that people in Europe drink alcohol and smoke more than in any other regions in the world. For this indicator, they are world Champions, but it's a bad record. Residents of European countries must do more to combat overweight and obesity. Overweight have 59% of inhabitants of European countries. Here Europe is second only to the USA" - it is told in the report of the world health organization.

The situation in Russia is even more negatively. According to various sources, the average Russian drinks a year from 15 to 18 liters of pure alcohol, the percentage of smokers after the adoption of anti-tobacco law is located at 38% of the adult population.

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