Study: eggs lower blood pressure

Chinese scientists have found that egg protein helps with hypertension is not worse than drugs. The secret of this effect lies in the peptide RVPSL contained in the protein. Scientists from tszilinskogo University was able to prove that the substance in question is also well reduces blood pressure, and as a medicine against high pressure captopril.

Initially, scientists conducted their experiments on rodents. They noticed that after its consumption in mice decreased blood pressure. At the moment, the scientists intend to conduct their clinical trials in humans. According to the author of the study Dr. Jipeng Yu contained in the egg white peptide useful in the prevention and in the treatment of hypertension. Experiments have proven that 50 milligrams of the peptide effect similar to that of 10 mg of captopril. Scientists emphasize that after the heat treatment, the egg does not lose its mentioned properties.

Previously it was believed that eating eggs is bad because of the high content of cholesterol, but recent research has found that the food was much better than the thought of him. Therefore, experts recommend to consume eggs more often. And conducted by the American research scientists have found that a Breakfast that consists of eggs, is the best way to control your appetite throughout the day, and plus, it helps to avoid the "snacking" at night.

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