Study: children of centenarians 24% less likely to get cancer

Experts from the University of Exeter in the study found that the children of centenarians are less prone to the occurrence of cancer and other diseases associated with aging. A more detailed study is published in the magazine "The Journals of Gerontology: Series A".

Scientific work lasted 18 years, and during this time assistants watched 10 thousands of people twice a year, was asked about the age of their parents. As it turned out, the children whose parents are long-lived, were less prone to the emergence of their cancer by 24 percent. It should be noted that centenarians are women, whose age has crossed the threshold in 91 years, and for men age threshold longevity equal to 87 years.

According to the study's author, Professor William Henley, earlier studies showed that the children of centenarians are less likely to suffer from heart disease, but this study is unique in its kind, as it gave reliable evidence that the risk of developing cancer is also reduced. However, the Professor added that the offspring of centenarians are less likely to suffer from diabetes and strokes.

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Currently, scientists do not know how many years of life parents are associated with the health of children, it still has not been established that good health can be inherited.

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