Study: cats prefer food interaction with people

It turns out communication with each other is important not only for people. Cats also love to spend time in the company of people. According to the Telegraph, the cats ' preference for the communication with the owners than their favorite food.

This fact was confirmed by studies conducted at the University of Oregon. Despite the General opinion that cats are too independent and selfish, Pets are still willing to forgo food for the sake of the company of people.

Also, the researchers were able to dispel the myth that cat's affection is selective and selfish character. For a series of experiments were selected fifty cats living in the home and in shelters. To clarify, what would you choose cats in different situations, they are excommunicated from the usual environment: people, food, entertainment, and odors for a while and watched the behavior of animals. Then they returned all excited cats.

The results have pleased all cats turned out to be quite social creatures, and most of them after the experiment chose the human contact.

Also earlier it was reported that the owner made a gift for a loved animal of "Aptekarsky ogorod". On the Day of cats pet got the cake shaped like a cat.

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