Study: brain stimulation improves vision

The electric current will help to make the vision more acute, say researchers from Vanderbilt University. Enough to stimulate separate areas of the brain for 20 minutes to improve vision for two hours. His words researchers confirm the results obtained in the experiment.

Volunteers with a great, almost normal and low vision were asked to rate the evenness of the lines on the screen. This test has greater accuracy than with the standard system, when you want to read the letters of the native alphabet, or see certain symbols.

The subjects were exposed to electric current on the visual cortex of the brain. 20 minutes after the start of treatment, the volunteers took the test again. Significant improvement occurred in 75% of volunteers.

When the "alpha test" after a session of electrotherapy, people were able to see on average one or two letters more. The hardest experimental method has helped people with very poor eyesight, says Deccan Chronicle.

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