Study: back pain can be treated with antibiotics

Scientists from the University of southern Denmark found that in 46 percent of cases of chronic back pain caused by the presence of bacteria. Thus, to treat it with antibiotics, according to The Telegraph. However, specialists, infectious disease specialists warn that may develop bacterial resistance, if medicines will be used too aggressively.

The study found that back pain occurs most often when the hernia formation. A hernia is an ideal place for the entrance of bacteria that cause painful inflammation. The conducted study included 162 patients suffering from back pain who took a combination of application and amoxicillin. After taking the above mentioned drugs 80 percent of patients completely got rid of the pain, or the pain in them was not so strong.

To date the medicine was known, because of the infections occur back pain. However, it was considered that this is extremely rare. Scientists emphasize that this work encouraged them done earlier scientific research, during which it was found that the bacterium Helicopter pylori can cause stomach ulcers and gastritis. This discovery at that time completely changed the treatment of the mentioned diseases.

As for back pain, scientists believe that it is necessary to conduct additional research. In addition, treatment of spinal pain with antibiotics only if the patient clearly detected bacteria.

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