Study: babies perfectly understand each other

American scientists from the University Brigham young in the study came to the conclusion that infants are perfectly understand each other by reading emotional signals. To this opinion of scientists from the U.S. came after he watched the children at the age of 5-7 months. Even parents find it difficult to understand what wants their child at this age, and what is his mood. Meanwhile, infants understand their peers is only one voice intonation.

During their research, the scientists conducted the experiment. Before the babies were delivered 2 monitors, one of which was shown a video featuring a child the same age as the audience. "Baby monitor" was in a good mood. On the second monitor was a record, too, with the baby, but was in a bad mood. Both monitors no sound. After scientists turned on the sound, the young participants in the experiment were able to compare the sound with the displayed image, and when the voice of the child in a good mood, infants watched it on this screen. The same thing happened with the baby in a bad mood after hearing the sad tone in his voice, the kids were turning their attention to the monitor with a sad child. Only the study involved 40 infants of American States, Florida and Utah. In the future, experts are going to conduct an experiment in which as a "kid from the monitor will be someone from the participants.

Psychologists have expressed confidence that in the first 2.5 years after birth, children learn more than in the course of their lives. This statement is very difficult to confirm or deny, but, in any case, recent research in this area has proved once again that the first months of life the baby is very important for its future development.

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