Study: autism reduces lifetime

People with autism live less than the average person at 18 years of age. One of the reasons lies in more frequent suicides among patients with autism. Yet this pathology in 20-40% of cases is combined with epilepsy, say the scientists from Sweden.

The researchers compared two groups of people: healthy and with autism. The risk of premature death in the second group was higher in 2.5 times. The more severe form of autism, the higher the chance not to live to older years. Such data leads

If people without autism die on average in 70 years, when death overtakes autism patients in 54 years. With the combination of autism with mental retardation, the indicator is reduced to 39.5 years.

The fact that autism is often associated with other mental and somatic diseases, from depression to abnormalities of the endocrine system. About 40% of all patients have autism together with one or two mental illnesses.

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