The risk of developing colon cancer can be reduced by a quarter with simple way. Enough to drink two cups of coffee per day. About it tell results of the work of scientists from the University of southern California. They found: good coffee significantly reduces the risk of cancer.

In total in research took part more than five thousand people with a diagnosis of "colorectal cancer". As a comparison group, researchers selected volunteers without cancer. As a result of the survey showed signs affecting the development of the disease. Among them was the habit with the lifestyle, and genetic factors, and diet. This writes Zee News.

Special attention was given by scientists to the use of coffee. As it turned out, the more a person drinks coffee, the smaller the chance that he in the course of his life faced with bowel cancer. Note, doctors do not advise to abuse with caffeine. This substance boosts the pressure. When heart disease, you should limit yourself to this drink.

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