Study: 70% of the population of the planet are not able to properly clean teeth

According to the newspaper "The Times of India, only 30% of the population of the planet know how to correctly brush your teeth. It is known that proper brushing helps prevent tooth decay and the formation of Tartar, and gingivitis.

Dentists recommend to combine the use of dental floss and a toothbrush when brushing, and regular checkups with the dentist for the prevention of these diseases.

According to statistics, every tenth patient has dental stone, which is formed due to improper care of teeth. The toothbrush should be held at an angle of 45 degrees with respect to the gums. Movement of hand should be short, and do not have to exert much physical force when pressing on the brush. Strong pressure on the brush while brushing your teeth is fraught with gingival and increased tooth sensitivity, and as a result of their loss.

Dr. Karishma Jaradi advises to not clean all the teeth at once, but in parts. When cleaning the back surface of the brush should be kept in the vertical position. The whole process readings should take 2-3 minutes. In addition, the brush should be selected in accordance with the type of teeth. To change the brush it at least once in 2 months, and after man had a cold.

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