Studies of Parkinson's disease has received generous donations from well-known personalities

According to Business Times Sergey Brin, founder of Google, has donated a large sum for the development of drugs against Parkinson's disease.

Are you talking about that Sergey Brin has donated 138 mil. dollars to the treatment of Parkinson's disease has received a new impetus in the search for effective drugs. Currently, such studies conducted by pharmaceutical giants Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline.

Funds provided by the businessman, will help to build the database, in which hereditary information of almost seven thousand people suffering from Parkinson's disease. Pharmaceutical companies hope that genetic research will help to develop the necessary medicines.

Earlier it was reported that the sequencing of the genomes of patients with Parkinson will deal with the company 23andMe, one of the owners of which is Anna Wojcicki, wife Brin. Participants in the study, in contrast to normal patients, to decode the genome will pay $ 25, not 399.

Brin in 2008 was found in the gene LRRK2 G2019S mutation, the presence of which indicates the existence of the risk of developing Parkinson's. This same mutation was found at his mother, suffering from this disease. It is possible that Brin wants not only to help others, but also to secure a painless future. In any case, his money will help many patients.

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