Students will learn for the good words

In Belarus, the students of the 1st and 2nd class do not receive ratings. In the third and fourth class order of the National Institute of education were abolished evaluation in physical education, music, work and art

According to the Ministry of education, all children are completely different special abilities and creativity, therefore, be assessed in these subjects in their regular assessments will be unfair. In this case, instead of the usual marks the teacher should write something like "Good job!", and in the log just to fix the object passed. Problems with certification also should not occur.

In the certificate of the four items are only vocational training and exercise, but by this point estimate will already be present. As says the psychologist, such indifferent system is a great option, because assessment scores abilities of children, in principle, impossible. Often the teacher assesses not result, and the diligence of the student. But then there is some confusion in the minds of children, for which the student has received a failing grade because it either failed, or for lack of effort?

By the way, indifferent system for teachers themselves is not easy job, but on the contrary adds. During the lesson, the teacher notes the advantages and disadvantages of the proficiency level of the student different skills.

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