Struggling with self-doubt - practical advice

Many people suffer from self-doubt, of course, is not a disease, but the diagnosis. The majority of people develop this trait in yourself, thinking that they are always all bad. Such people have no opinion, they can't give the surrender of the offender, they have a very low self-esteem and they do not believe in their strength.

To experience self-doubt may still in childhood. If the child fails one or the other thing, if it makes things worse and slower all over him begin to patronati peers. Also in this issue may be the fault of parents who put their child in a bad light and not praise him for his success that he was able to do. When the child becomes an adult, these complexes there remains, and it always feels helpless and is not needed.

Whether such a timid person to deal with your insecurities? Not only possible, but necessary. The first thing to do is to forget about their failures that occurred in childhood and adolescence. Stop all to blame parents and teachers. Let your past will remain behind, do their future themselves, it should saveset from you and from anyone else.

It is worth to remember that your cheerfulness and freedom is more important than other people's opinions. If your actions do not harm others, do what you think is right.

Why wait, when you praise, praise himself. Make a list of your talents, including all the nonsense and praise yourself for it. You first need to love yourself and then you will appreciate the other. And make a journal in which you record all of your successes, it will help to realize its importance.

No need to compare yourself with others, because each person is unique in their own way. Go to your goal by yourself, you should not meet someone's expectations. Do not get ahead of ourselves and do not make grandiose plans, but do everything, gradually moving towards its goal. Yet every day, compare your results, pay attention to the pros and be proud of them.

Confident people succeed with their work and persistence, you too will be able to achieve this, just need to make the effort.

When you communicate with someone, speak clearly and loudly, but in no cases do not cry. When talking, look you in the eyes, but sometimes to look away to the side, as the person with whom you are communicating, you may think that you push.

Try to act decisively, don't go in the shade and then around you will notice.

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