Struggling with hair loss effective methods

As you know, normally, the average person per day will drop about a hundred hairs. At first glance this seems a lot, but these include not only those hairs that are pulled when brushing, but also those that we are not noticing, lose constantly. But, if you noticed that your hair remain small bunches on the pillow, or pulled out, when you spend on your hair by hand, then worry, because most likely we are talking about pathological loss. This problem is faced by many people. And if men rarely pay so much attention, women are thick and luxurious hair is a matter of pride, so they often worry about every loose hair.

To deal with hair loss by using different methods. It is best to go to a good Department of trichology centre, where a specialist will identify the causes of hair loss and prescribe the right treatment. But if this is not possible, first and foremost, you need to pay attention to your diet. If you are unable to eat properly, be sure to try to take some vitamin complex.

Effective remedy to hair loss are homemade masks made from natural, healthy ingredients. It is very important that these masks were present active component, irritating the scalp and promotes increased blood flow. This in turn will lead to the emergence of new hairs and their accelerated growth. This applies, for example, red pepper. Tincture of red pepper, which is easy to purchase at any pharmacy, can be rubbed into the scalp for some time before washing, or combine with oil, yogurt, egg yolk. Very good but also eliminates the problem of excessive hair loss onion juice, horseradish, mustard, burdock oil, decoction of burdock root. In addition to using traditional recipes, experts recommend to replace your shampoo and conditioner on special professional samples, which are used to combat hair loss.

In addition to external funds, your hair very well to massage the scalp. To do it you can use a comb or simply conduct on the head with your fingers for a few minutes a day. Such procedures improve blood circulation and stop the pathological processes of deposition.

Hair loss can be triggered by a serious disruption to a number of organs and body systems. Therefore, if home methods do not give the desired effect, and the loss is only growing, it is wise to consult a doctor trichologist. He will need examination and will help to determine the cause of hair loss.

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