Struggling with a cold and a runny nose folk remedies

Not yet been born a man who never in his life did not catch a cold or the flu. Nothing surprising in this fact not. Every day we are surrounded by people sneezing and coughing, carrying billions of viruses and pathogenic bacteria on healthy people. The protection of your health and immune system of people close to you from various diseases especially important in the cold season. It was then observed lack of vitamins, and the weakening of the protective functions of the human body.

Once you start to feel that the nose has supersolo", do not waste your precious time, there are a great folk remedies that will help you quickly deal with a cold.

With a runny nose can be treated with boiling water and salt. In a glass of water dissolve a teaspoon of salt and every three to four hours to draw a nose, a small portion of the resulting solution.

Another popular method is called the treatment of fever. When the cold already "raged", try it, like it should be a good exercise. Not all microbes like to multiply at a high temperature. Fans of extreme sports will suit taking hot baths. There is a more gentle way: hot foot bath with essential oils (eucalyptus, lemon, tea tree oil and others). It is not recommended taking hot baths at high temperatures, as the temperature difference (body, hot tubs and the environment), the load on the weak infection the organism increases.

In combat the first signs of a cold well proven herbal teas. Here are the instructions for cooking the most successful: take 10 grams of dried Linden flowers, sage and horsetail. Mix. Add 5 g of leaves BlackBerry and pansies. Then herbs pour 1 liter of boiling water and allow to stand for 10 minutes. Strain. Infusion is not known for "unearthly" taste, so it can sweeten it with honey. Take regular one full glass every day.

You can use medicinal inhalation. Breathe over steam chamomile, probably tried everything at least once. If not, here's the recipe: in a small bowl sprinkle the dry chamomile and cover with boiling water. Inhale therapeutic couples need at least ten minutes.

Medical preparations (ointments, drops), must be handled very carefully. Excessive and systematic in their use can lead to drying out the delicate mucous membranes of the nose and its damage.

If you believe the popular saying, runny nose, if it is left untreated, lasts a week, and if not treated, it runs for seven days. The main thing is not to let him become chronic, at this stage, folk remedies are often powerless. Use the tips and be healthy!

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