Stronger words frighten pictures on cigarette packs

Researchers from the United States were interviewed about 200 smokers, and in the course of the survey it was found that 83 percent of respondents remembered the various warnings, if they were accompanied by relevant images, while the text message about the extraordinary dangers of Smoking, have been stored in memory, only 50 percent.

Scientists at the University of Pennsylvania (USA) was used tracking technology visualization in order to measure how long a smoker may delay your opinion on some of the warning area, placed on a pack of cigarettes. The participants of the experiment after it was proposed in writing to reproduce the content of warning labels to find out how they remembered him well. The authors of the study concluded that the longer the sight of a smoker was delayed for a text message, which was accompanied by a picture, and the longer he looked at the image, the more chances that it is properly remember that information.

According to the head of research Dr. Andrew Strasser adjunct Professor of the Department of psychiatry of the medical faculty of the University of Pennsylvania (USA), the value of this discovery is very difficult to overestimate. "Besides the fact that we have found the explicit use of such graphic warnings we have received a very important knowledge, and they should in the future help to increase the effectiveness of such warnings," said Dr. Strasser.

In April this year, the UK government initiated consultations with the aim of determining whether to proceed with the sales of tobacco products in standard packaging. As one of the options analyzed the possibility of production of packaging made in one color, with the same text support and the image without the brand name.

Initially, the Association of manufacturers of tobacco products was expressed greeting consultation this level, however, its authorized insist that they have not yet been discovered scientific evidence that monotonous package is able to participate in reducing Smoking among youth.

"We believe that the government should abandon the concept of uniform packaging, as this will only make the task easier for those who forges products, and complicate the work of legitimate sellers," said Jane Chisholm Contact the Secretary of the Association.

The Ministry of health, the U.S. passed the order on cigarette packs graphic warnings had already appeared in the September of the current year, however, the tobacco companies this decision was challenged in court.

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So far the only country in the world, agreed to enter monotonous package without specifying a brand, remains Australia.

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