Stroke: the realities of treatment in Ukraine

Worldwide acute cerebrovascular disease (stroke) is a serious diagnosis that leads to disability and social insolvency patients. Today in the world there are 16 million strokes per year in Ukraine - 120 thousand every year and this number is increasing, due to global population aging, harmful factors of modern society - weakness, stress, atherogenic diet.

According to the world standards of stroke care is only effective conduct of thrombotic therapy in the therapeutic window, which is three to six hours after the first symptoms of acute disorders of cerebral circulation.

Today in Ukraine the share of thrombolysis when the stroke is extremely small. Leaders share Mariupol neurologists and emergency physicians who conduct thrombolysis in 1.5% of cases, while abroad, this figure is close to 100%.

Neurological portal of Ukraine decided to look into this situation and to conduct a survey among practitioners, what is the true reason for the low share of the only effective method of thrombolysis in stroke.

The survey showed that frequent reason of impossibility of thrombolytic therapy is the lack of availability in the hospital the necessary diagnostic equipment (38%) - computed tomography. Without this diagnosis it is impossible to distinguish hemorrhagic from ischemic stroke. In the first case, the conduct of thrombolysis is contraindicated.

The second reason is the late presentation of patients for specialized care (28 percent). The mentality of our patients have to wait, suddenly pass on their own, unfortunately, stroke independently fails, and lost precious hours and the ability to provide adequate care. The patient finally gets to the hospital after 6 hours from first symptoms. Dear readers, once again we draw your attention to the main symptoms of stroke: sudden headache, dizziness, impaired speech, weakness in the limbs, face asymmetry. When these symptoms should seek immediate help call an ambulance!

The third reason is financial (27 percent), lack of available medication, thrombolitic in medical institutions of the country and the inability to buy in the pharmacy itself due to the high cost of medication. In all countries has estimated that the provision of high quality stroke care is economically advantageous because of sharply reduced the percentage of disability, which means savings on lifetime social benefits to the disabled, the contents of specialized sanatorium for the annual rehabilitation of patients after stroke. Our country is not yet learned.

The fourth reason is the risk of complications after thrombolysis (6%). Given that some of our doctors in the "hand held" thrombolytic, they're afraid to get complications. This business experience and availability of the drug in the compartment.

We hope that in a short time in Ukraine will be available for all to quality health care. Hospitals equipped tomography for rapid diagnosis of stroke, the branches will appear preparations for thrombolytic therapy and our patients in a timely manner will begin to seek medical help.

According to the materials of Neurological portal of Ukraine.

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