Stroke: simple exercises will restore the ability to walk

Research center for neuromotor and cognitive rehabilitation, University of Verona in Italy published a study that showed high efficiency simple exercises in the rehabilitation of patients after stroke.

These exercises steel - flexion of the ankle and maneuver Mingazzini. The first exercise is self-explanatory, the second is when the patient lie on your stomach and turn tries to bend the leg at the knee to a right angle.

The researchers evaluated the speed and quality of recovery of function in patients after stroke. As shown by the 200 day monitoring of patients, active flexion in the ankle affect early recovery function walk, and exercise maneuver Mingazzini improve postural functions, that is, the ability to maintain the desired position of the body.

Scientists claim that an important success factor in the restoration of function after stroke earlier initiation of rehabilitation. Average time begin rehabilitation in this study was 4 days after stroke.

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A study published in September 2011 in the journal "European Journal of Physical and Rehabilitation"

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