Stretch marks on stomach - why appear and how to get rid of?

Women for centuries have tried using all sorts of means to preserve her beauty. Unfortunately, due to hormonal changes in adolescence and during pregnancy, the skin of women experiencing severe stress, stretch, loses elasticity. Develop stretch marks with which to cope extremely difficult.

Most parous women are wondering how to remove stretch marks on the stomach? Experts advise to make the effort if not to avoid the appearance of stretch marks or at least reduce their number.

Methods of preventing the appearance of stretch marks:

• Bandage during pregnancy will not give the skin is too stretched, so will support the tummy. After the delivery it will also help to lead to normal stretching of the abdominal muscles.

• Skin during pregnancy becomes dry, so it should be greased with fat cream, or vegetable oils.

• Massage with a brush with stiff bristles or massager will help to prevent the appearance of stretch marks.

• Food should be full. In the power of the future moms should include a lot of protein and just a little sweet and starchy foods.

• An active lifestyle and exercises in the morning will allow the muscles to stay in shape.

How to get rid of stretch marks:

• Proper nutrition

The condition of the skin depends on the diet. Elasticity and healthy appearance of the epithelium will be able to buy only if the diet will be vegetables, seafood, fruits, herbs and vegetable oils. In addition, you should drink a lot of water.

• Massage

Active effect on the skin helps to improve metabolism and blood circulation. If you add a massage, body wrap, the effect will not be long to wait.

• Oil

Wheat germ oil, olive and almond experts recommend as a means of improving the skin condition.

• Microdermabrasion

This procedure is very effective, but it is only by a specialist. The procedure is peeling under vacuum. Under the influence of small particles of cosmetic products, the top layer of skin is removed, allowing cells that were under him begin to grow rapidly.

In order to achieve the desired effect should be applied funds from stretch marks in the complex and long.

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