Stress provokes headaches - scientists

German scientists have once again touched upon the relationship between constant stress and headaches. They found that frequent stress leads to migraines. The scientists will publish their research results at the Annual meeting of the American Academy of neurology. While it is possible to familiarize with the basic thesis of their work.

In experiment took part 5 thousand volunteers aged 21 to 71 years. Within two years they were periodically reported to the scientists on the frequency of stress factors and headache in their lives. The stress level was assessed on a 100-point scale.

A third of respondents admitted that they experienced headaches after exercise, 14% identified their headache as migraine, 11 as pain mixed type. The rest of the volunteers were unable to identify the nature of the pain. The level of stress during exercise was evaluated in 52 points, migraine - 62, mixed pain - 59 points.

In all cases, scientists have identified a link between stress and headache. Frequent stress causes migraines and regular headaches. In addition, constant headache also causes stress and depression.

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