"Stress Monday" does not exist

Scientists from the U.S. surveyed 340 000 respondents about their well-being and moods on different days of the week. It turned out that the saying "the Monday Blues" in the modern world is absolutely not justified, as working people feel from an emotional point of view equally from Monday to Thursday.

Large-scale telephone survey from Gallup showed equivalence for workers and employees weekdays, elevated mood occurs only in Friday, weekends are stable at high wave.

Considered to be Monday heavy only because that day is coming immediately after the resurrection, by contrast. But this is only a suggestion, which give a weak personality, which are pre-configured on a heavy day after the holiday. These negative emotions can be bad for thinking and performance, thereby creating the impression that on Monday and the truth is harder to work with.

Weekdays from Monday to Thursday, the survey showed equal in the perception of workers, and only a Friday full of optimism and day seems shorter.

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