Stress is the main cause of Smoking men and women varies

Scientists from the Medical University of Vienna found that men and women are drawn to the cigarette for quite different reasons. A woman smokes during stress, whereas men like to smoke relaxed, well-fed and contented life, says Xinhua.

It is proved that the nicotine faster processes in a woman's body. This leads to a more fast-paced syndrome. Therefore, women are much harder to quit. An attempt to give up cigarette sometimes lead to depression, apathy and anxiety. Some women suffer from sleep disorders. Even the weaker sex much working relationship with weight: many women after giving up Smoking a few extra kilos.

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Smoking in adolescence quickly forms a strong dependence. Interestingly, in Europe smokers-men more. In 15 years, for example, among all smokers only 21% of girls. Today actively talking about a complete ban on Smoking in public places. Many European countries have banned Smoking on the streets and stops, holding under a separate Smoking space.

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