Stress is one of the causes of infertility

Scientists conducted an analysis of the causes of infertility and found an interesting fact. It turns out that to increase the likelihood of successful conception should protect a woman from stress even for a considerable period of time, according to Human Reproduction. Scientists agree that nervous young couples planning a baby, it is not necessary. Data scientists have confirmed in the study of cases of infertility of unknown etiology.

In humans there is a so-called marker of stress alpha-amylase. Women took samples of saliva, and measured this indicator. After a year of observations about 13% of women were never able to get pregnant. It was found that in the infertile group, the level of alpha-amylase on average 30% higher. It is possible that the stress did not allow the couple to conceive a child.

Expert Melanie Davis (hospital of the University of London) agrees with the opinion and finds that regular experiences affect the quality of sexual life. The result is a vicious circle from two problems.

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Note, a study conducted earlier, proves the usefulness of yoga. This hobby increases the probability of conception in couples attempting conception which within 6 months and was not successful.

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