Stress is equally harmful for children and for adults

Small children tend to perform actions studied and are reluctant to accept something new. This is reported by researchers from Ruhr University. They have proved that stress reduces cognitive performance not only in adults but also in children.

The study involved 26 children aged 15 months. Half of them had experienced a clear stress before the experiment. For example, the children approached a stranger and tried to make conversation, next to the kids he played loud music.

As a result of in the body increased levels of the hormone cortisol, which determines the stress response. The second group of children before the beginning of the study were in a comfortable environment with their parents, says Zee News.

In the second stage, the scientists gave the kids a box with two lights: red and blue. First, both lamps were lit when touched. Scientists then turned them off. Children who have experienced stress, worse adapted to the new situation and continued to touch their favorite lamp.

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