Stress inhibits the processes associated with memory

Stress is a factor that accompanies the majority of modern people. Intensive work outside of the graph, relationships with family and friends, permanent employment, and lack of rest leads to an imbalance of the nervous system, which is expressed in apathy, constant fatigue, lack of living emotions, people just don't want to do any activity and to invent something new.

Before scientists found that stress is responsible for blocking the processes that are associated with the recall and storage. The research group from the University of Exeter and calgary, having years of experience in the snail Lymnaea stagnalis, found that the constant irritation of the nervous system led to impaired memory. Animals were forgotten previous experiences.

Scientists have made a surprising: they were able to teach a group of snails of the genus to breathe with the same frequency, at a time when they were on land. It should be noted that the skin breathing snails weakly developed and the concentration of gas in water is not so big. Therefore, animals must be regularly swim ashore to make a breath of air through the Gill openings.

Scientists irritated respiratory system of snails every time they took a breath, not land. As a result of their respiratory rhythm was lost and for a long time after the end of the experiment were not recovered. It turns out that stress can disrupt the processes of memory.

It is worth noting that stress has a negative impact on memory processes in humans. Interesting is that regular stress summing effect, and people simply can't remember the details, even the simplest.

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