Stress in childhood leads to depression in the future

The reluctance of parents to engage in their own child and emotional alienation, increases the risk of depression, say scientists from Duke University and the University of Texas. They proved that children's stress has an extremely negative impact on the psyche of children and increases their risk of depression in the future.

In total the study involved 106 teenagers from 11 to 15 years, says Psych Central. The participants in the experiment scientists conducted brain MRI and assessed their psychological status. Scientists collected information correlated with the mood of the children and the degree of their alienation from their parents. The study was repeated after two years.

During this time the children with the constant stress associated with relationships in the family, decreased response to reward. The main reason is the lack of attention from parents. Scientists suggest that the lack of a sense of delight in childhood disrupts many functions in the brain. In the future this can lead to depression and other mental illnesses.

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