Stress helps to be optimistic in the form of scientists

In some cases, stress can have a positive impact on the body and activate the desired system, giving people confidence. This was the conclusion from a group of scientists. The results of the study published in Psychoneuroendocrinology.

Stress has a positive effect only on the optimistic, considering the world primarily from the positive side. For pessimists stress, on the contrary, an additional pressure, prevents them from properly cope with the tasks.

Scientists suggest that small amounts of stress can be a great experience for any person. Not for nothing trainings, forcing the person to get out of the "comfort zone" became so popular. It is the standard position helps to get away from routine and find a creative solution to a complex problem.

Scientists are advised to limit the impact on your own body stress factors. Processing, permanent congestion tasks negatively told on health and optimists and pessimists.

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