To such conclusion scientists from the University of Notre Dame. Excessive stress during pregnancy disrupts motor function of the brain, causing the child begins to walk at a later age, and many motor functions may differ from their peers. About it reports The Daily Mail.

Scientists conducted a survey of pregnant women at 18 and 34 weeks of pregnancy. The most common cause of stress for mothers were financial problems, they complained almost every third woman on 34 week of pregnancy. Followed complications during gestation, moving and family problems.

Motor development of children born to 2900 scientists were evaluated at 10, 14 and 17 years. It turned out that more than three serious stress during pregnancy reduces the performance of motor functions in children. Apparently, stress affects coordination problems.

Coordination is required not only to move in space, it is necessary for the development of writing skills, drawing / painting, dancing and other activities. We will note, a number of other studies confirm the theory of scientists. Cortisol, a stress hormone, affects the motor skills of children.

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