Stress does not give patients a quick recovery after surgery

Scientists from the University of Auckland found that stress and anxiety have a significant impact on the rehabilitation process of patients after a surgery.

In an American study, researchers showed that people who experience anxiety and fear of surgery longer be restored and have pain.

It is known that after the surgeon makes an incision in the body begins to develop compounds that are aimed at restoring the injury. And the faster will be the process of healing, the faster the patient's condition will be better. After conducting research among the patients who had a hernia removed, the researchers concluded that stress has a negative impact on the recovery process.

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After checking the level of substances, which are responsible for wound healing, the researchers found that experiencing for the surgery patients the level of these compounds is much lower than that of those who responded quietly to surgical intervention. Therefore, doctors strongly recommend that patients not to worry before surgery and try to keep a positive attitude.

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