Stress changes the perception of smells - the scientists

Scientists conducted a study and found: stress has an impact on the perception of odors. Even neutral odors under the action of stress find unpleasant color. This is due to changes in the functioning of the nervous system, writes The Daily Mail. Scientists say that the more stress, the more significant changes are logged.

In the study, Professor Veins Lee (University Wisconsin-Madison) conducted an experiment involving 12 volunteer. Each of them has caused anxiety and scanned the brain activity. It was found that the stress is directly linked to the sense of smell. Such situations are changing the perception of odors. So, even the smell of perfume can be not only unpleasant, but also aggravate the condition of the person, to push him to anxiety disorders, depression.

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In the experiment, the scientists have observed for two independent brain circuits. One of them transmits information from the olfactory analyzer, and the second handles the emotional component. When stress two chains start to interact. It is known that the rate of this process is not happening.

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