Stress causes diabetes - scientists

Edition of Psychosomatic Medicine has published the results of researchers from America, dealing with the effects of stress on the human body. The research was able to establish: stress can even a healthy person to cause diabetes of the second type.

Constant severe stress, according to the study, increases the risk of diabetes of the second type by 45%. The information was revealed during a 13-year observations for a group of 50 volunteers.

Type II diabetes is a disease associated with disorders of metabolic processes in the body. At risk are people over 45 years of age with diseases of the pancreas, obesity, unhealthy habits. Cells of the pancreas secrete insulin, the hormone required for the processing of glucose. However, in diabetes the insulin is inactive and cannot perform its function.

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"Often we are confronted with the fact that in people taking steroid hormones, in particular cortisol (the stress hormone and inflammation), there are signs of type II diabetes, there is steadfastly increased sugar in the blood,' says the problem Professor of medicine, University of Glasgow Navid Sattar.

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