Stress cause physical pain in women

Swedish scientists have established a link between stress and physical pain. Officially proven that constant stress lead to the head and muscle aches, pain in the joints.

During the study, the doctors examined 1.5 thousand women showed some symptoms of stress. On modern man leans a lot of problems, some of which affects the nervous system. Every fifth woman, according to the study, experiencing constant stress. 40% of subjects faced with a stressful factors quite often in everyday life.

Many complained of persistent headaches, muscle pain, joint problems, indigestion. The pain has increased, if the volunteers were in a difficult situation.

Particularly susceptible to stress women 40-60 years. Predisposing factors include alcohol, Smoking, excessive fatigue at work.

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To avoid stress, the researchers recommend to strengthen the immune system, to respect the day, eat right and ask yourself positive life setting.

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