Stress can be useful for someone if you learn to control it - the scientists

Despite the obvious negative aspects of stress, it has its advantages.

Stress at work keeps a person in good shape and improves its skills, says The Mirror. However, in a study conducted by the University of Indiana''s Business School, says that you need to be able to use the positive side of stress.

The study was conducted by 10,000 volunteers since the sixties until 2004. To measure the voltage at work, the researchers asked subjects how hard they worked today, is it hard to focus and whether they were in the day overloaded with work.

Study author Erik Gonzalez-Mule (Erik Gonzalez-Mule) said that the findings of the study indicate that in most cases the stress at work has negative consequences for workers. He notes that if the employee has a certain level of freedom in decision-making, in this case, stress can be helpful.

"The negative effects of stress can be neutralized, if you allow employees to set their own goals, their achievements, and to prioritize their decision making," said Professor Erik Gonzalez-Mule.

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