Stress at work doubles the risk of developing diabetes

Stress has become an integral part of life for most people. Processing, quarrels, irregular working schedule lead to disorder of the nervous system, depression and apathy. Researchers from the Institute of epidemiology, Munich tried to consider the impact of stress on the other hand.

As it turned out, stress can cause not only of neurological disorders and metabolic diseases. We are talking about diabetes of the second type. 13 years scientists have observed for the experimental group of 5,300. At the end of the study among 300 people were diagnosed with diabetes mellitus of the second type.

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Experts conducted an analysis and found: constant stress at work increases the risk of developing this disease by 45%. The scientists ' conclusions are obvious: it is wiser to approach the choice of work and work schedule. Problems of the nervous system often become a cause of somatic diseases and metabolic disorders.

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