Stress at work because of such harm to secondhand smoke

Continuous processing and the psychological feeling of insecurity lead to the development of diseases of the circulatory system and increase the risk of premature death. The same effect is produced tobacco smoke and other bad habits, writes The Daily Mail.

Experts from Harvard University conducted a study, which assessed the difficult conditions in several categories of citizens. Take into account the length of the working day, working hours, the opportunity to combine progress in your career and personal life.

It turned out the discomfort in the workplace leads to the same consequences as that of passive Smoking. Stress at work caused the obesity, and the absence of comprehensive health insurance did not allow the volunteers to monitor their health, and consult the doctors.

Work, hindering to build family relationships, increased the risk of early death by 20%. The discomfort increased the risk by almost half. Particularly dangerous, scientists say, to work in shifts or not work at all. In these cases, the injury is most pronounced.

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